Asia market strategy & partnerships

Support top grossing mobile game developers from the Western market penetrate the lucrative, but complex mobile market in Asia, including strategy around which specific markets to focus on as well as managing sourcing & securing partnerships with top local partners in markets like China & South Korea.

Western market strategy & partnerships

Support top grossing mobile game developers from the Asia market around operations & launch strategy for the Western market; includes support for marketing, PR, app store relations and publishing/distribution partnerships.

Launch & marketing strategy

Working with game & app developers of all sizes to put in place a strategy to bring their products to the largest portion of market possible within the scope of resources and capital available.  Includes paid marketing/user acquisition, App Store relations, strategic partnerships, viral product features and more.


IP holder gaming strategy

Advise IP holders, such as movie or TV studios, on their strategy around mobile gaming, with a focus on maximizing licensing fee and royalty revenue in international markets, specifically China, South Korea and other Asian markets.  Includes sourcing potential partners for licensing and co-development opportunities for their IP.

Product & monetization

Support the game and app development process pre and post launch with data analysis and product feedback to drive increased retention, monetization and virality.

Game sourcing

Work with game publishers, in both the West and in Asia, messaging apps and other companies to help source and secure partnerships with mobile games for distribution/publishing based on desired developer and game profile.  Provide end-to-end sourcing from initial outreach/processing of inbound inquiries to final contract execution, including creation of internal process/workflow for evaluation and diligence of potential content.



Work with developers to properly integrate analytic tracking in their game or app as well as analyze the resulting user data to support product development and increased retention, monetization and virality.

Game partnerships

Work with small to mid-size game developers to source and secure co-development or publishing/distribution partnerships to help bring their games to market.


Developer evangelism

Advise & support early stage companies with high quality service offerings for mobile developers, such as market intelligence or mobile marketing tools, with outreach and engagement to reach the leading companies around the world.


Expert witness & litigation support

Expert witness & analysis services for legal cases involving the video games industry around topics like IP, game publishing, M&A and more.

M&A & investment

Via partners, work with game studios and other start-ups to explore M&A and fundraising opportunities.

Something Else?

Please get in touch if you have other support needs, even if they do not fall into the categories listed above.